The Company

Paragon Financial and Insurance Agency Inc. (Paragon Financial) started as AHDivina Insurance Agency in 2001. Because of the market confidence in the company, it became one of the fastest growing insurance intermediaries in the country.

From its first two customers with a premium of ₱545.00 in 2001, it now keeps a portfolio of some ₱450 million premium annually. It maintains accounts from service companies, manpower agencies, schools, financial institutions, manufacturing and various industries in both public and private sectors.

The company thrives because of its high regard for its customers as important business partners. It has served more than 130 companies and over 500,000 individuals.

The company, headed by its founder and president Mr. Arnulfo “Arnold” Divina who brings with him his years of doing international insurance programs, looks forward to expand its operations and widen its product range on its core portfolio which are group accident and health insurance.

Paragon Financial derives its name from its two-decade experience of offering only the best products and services, truly the paragon way.

Key Officers

President: Arnold H. Divina

Vice President for Finance: Grace E. Divina

Business Development Officer:

Account Management Officer: Ritchellou B. Ignacio